DNS AutoSlave

DNS AutoSlave takes the difficulty out of integrating DurableDNS with an existing system that manages DNS, for example a web hosting control panel like cPanel or Plesk. With DNS AutoSlave enabled, DurableDNS will listen for NOTIFY packets from your DNS server that are sent to “notify.alwaysdnsllc.com”. When DurableDNS receives the first NOTIFY packet for a zone, the system will automatically provision a new DNS zone and download the records for that zone.

To enable DNS AutoSlave you will need to add your Master Nameserver's IP Address to DurableDNS. The Master Nameserver is the DNS server that will send the NOTIFY packet to notify.alwaysdnsllc.com. You will also need to know the name of the slave nameserver that will be defined in the DNS zone on your server. Unless you are using private-label nameservers, this should be set to “ns1.durabledns.com”.

Your Master Nameserver must allow AXFR transfers from the following IP addresses:,

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