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Pre-Sales Questions

What is DurableDNS Managed DNS?

DurableDNS is a managed DNS hosting service that takes all of the difficulty out of administering DNS for one or many domains. Our user interface is easy to use, presented in plain English, and supported by experts. The DurableDNS name servers are geographically separated to remove all single points of failure for your DNS hosting. The DurableDNS team is available to assist in establishing DNS records that support your business needs.

What payment options are available?

Currently, DurableDNS processes all payments through PayPal. PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. If you would like to make an offline payment via check, contact us.

What is your refund policy?

During the first 30 days of service customers may cancel at anytime for a full refund. After 30 days, customers are given a prorated refund based on days of service not used. If you want to cancel just a few of your zone credits, DurableDNS will credit your account extending the expiration date of your remaining zone credits.

How much does DurableDNS Managed DNS service cost?

We use a zone credit system - one DNS zone is equal to one zone credit. A zone credit costs $15 per year and can be reused over the course of the purchased term. New zone credits purchased after your initial credits will be prorated to expire on the same day as your existing credits.

Do you provide domain name registration services?

At this time, DurableDNS does not provide domain name registration services. You can register your domain with any domain name registrar and use DurableDNS name servers.

What is automatic DNS failover?

A and AAAA type DNS records can be setup for automatic DNS failover at DurableDNS. DurableDNS will monitor your server and if it becomes unavailable the DNS record can be changed to a backup server automatically. DNS failover can be used with round-robin DNS and DNS load balancing to distribute traffic to two servers when both are online and to one server if the other fails.

What are the names and IP addresses of your name servers?

NS2.DURABLEDNS.COM – – Global - Anycast

All legacy nameserver clusters will eventually be replaced by our anycast clusters.

Is there an API available for managing my DNS zones?

There is a SOAP based API available to all of our customers. The API has every feature that the web-based DurableDNS control panel has. You can view the API documentation here.

When are resellers billed for usage?

Resellers pay on a DNS query basis instead of a DNS zone basis. DNS query credits are purchased in advance, but they do not expire.

Do you support private label name servers? (Example:

Customers can setup private label name servers by registering name servers for their domain with the IP addresses of our name servers. The IP addresses of our name servers are published in the control panel and here in the FAQ.

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