Dynamic DNS API

The dynamic DNS API is used to update DNS records via a HTTPS GET request. This method is intended to be used to update records associated with Internet connections that have a dynamic IP address.

To enable the dynamic DNS API, you must first generate a Dynamic DNS Key. This can be done from the the DurableDNS Dashboard. Next, create a new record in your DNS zone or update an existing record that you will associate with your dynamic IP address. Check the box for “Dynamic DNS Updates Enabled” to allow that record to be updated via the Dynamic DNS API. You're now ready to update your record using the API.

Check IP Address

Accessing https://durabledns.com/services/dns/checkip.php will display your current IP address as detected by DurableDNS API servers. If you are access the Internet through a HTTP proxy, this address may not be correct, so be sure to verify.

Example Output: Current IP Address:

Update Record

When your client detects a change in IP address, it can perform an update. An HTTPS GET request should be sent in the following format:

  • Username is your DurableDNS.com username
  • dns_update_key is your Dynamic DNS Key which can be generated/found on the Dashboard
  • hostname is the fully qualified domain name of the record you wish to update (Ex: myddnsrecord.example.com)
  • myip is the IP address to update your record to


A PERL based client will be released soon. Other clients will follow.

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